From Nothing to Novel

Reading and writing about Jane Austen for my latest post on From Nothing to Novel.

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Two former colleagues of mine at the University of Tennessee, Whitney Jones and Julie Tyler, have started a fun, informative, and useful site for writers: From Nothing to Novel. Check it out!

I particularly liked their latest post, offering a daily writing prompt via Instagram:

Writing Prompts on Instagram!

Do you struggle with inspiration? Would you like to write each day, but just don’t know what to write about?

All writers have these issues at one point or another, and From Nothing to Novel would like to help!

Follow us on Instagram for a visual writing prompt every day. Use the picture to write a sentence or two, a poem, a short story, or a scene in your next novel.

Or, keep a writing journal and write a page each day based on our picture prompts. You never know when a read through your journal may be just the inspiration you need for a new character, scene, or situation. A new journal entry may be the foundation of your next work of fiction!

Follow their instagram feed here!

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