Remove Things from Your Novel and Do More with Less

Hi everyone. How is your writing going this summer?

I recorded a short audio memo for you all, describing the status of my novel-in-progress, after the end of my PhD.

The short version: it needs one more revision. Click the link to listen:


As you’ll hear, I seem to have created too many threads, too many late-arriving plot lines and magical elements, and many of these need to be scaled back for the final version. It’s almost as if through a lack of confidence I failed to see how appealing the central story is on its own.

5 thoughts on “Remove Things from Your Novel and Do More with Less

  1. I had been working on my Freecession novel.

    I was planing to have written the whole of Part I by the end of July, which would amount to 15 chapters.

    But I had only eight complete chapters, and in the middle of chapter 9.

    I feel like I am going to slow, that there’s not enough action (it, or at least the first part, mostly centered on political stuff, debate, speaking, etc.). And I do feel sometimes that things that come out later in the story should have been hinted at, or shown in some way before.

    With the book Art of Slow Writing, I decide to now write it more slowly, even if it may take a lot of time.

    Over time, I hope to be proficient in writing both slowly and fastly.

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