Ten comments on #brexit

  1. I’m not stunned by the vote. My entire life, I’ve been hearing from rightwing newspapers how awful Europe is, and, in reality, the EU’s response to the 2008 recession has been truly terrible. Paul Krugman has been saying this for years. But I am stunned at the sheer incompetence and dishonesty of the leave campaign, who now reveal that much of what they promised will never happen. It’s stunning that they also admit to not knowing how they plan to leave the EU. One has to suspect that Boris, at least, simply wanted to be Prime Minister, and saw a way, via the referendum, to topple Cameron. That poorly conceived ambition has helped send the country into political chaos, and has thrown the economy off a cliff.
  2. Once, when I was a school boy, a classmate informed the rest of the class that I was a “champagne socialist who wanted to destroy everything that made Britain great.” While the “champagne” part might well have been true, I find myself remembering this comment suddenly, when the best of the Tories have managed to crater the pound, fatally endanger the Union, and wreck havoc on the City, all for a cause it seems none of them actually believed in. Great work, chaps! 

  3. It’s tragic to think young Britons will now lack the freedom of movement and residence I have all my life enjoyed. Brits who live abroad and Europeans living in the UK, many of whom bought homes, began careers, on the assumption that inter-European freedom of movement would be with us forever, must feel terrified, bewildered. And whether the situation is somehow rescued or not, the fallout from the vote is happening right now, already. People have to change or postpone plans about work visas, about retirement.

  4. Non-white Britons and non-Anglophone-accented immigrants must now feel… Lord. It’s very true that not everyone who voted leave was white, and I don’t want to generalise for the whole country, but I already see many Britons of colour sharing stories on twitter of enboldened racists.

  5. To the people who voted leave in the hope that it would lead to a more equal, more locally run, less financially dominated economy — I sincerely hope you are right. Privately, I do wonder why people couldn’t have simply voted Labour in the previous general election, if a fairer society was their goal.

  6. Americans — I hope you will continue to find our accents sexy, even if it is now less of a “refined, cultured” sexy, and more of a brooding, confused, Heathcliff / crypto-fascist one.

  7. The “lol nothing matters” view of politics has taken a bit of a blow, as has the “heighten the contradictions” one. If you were, for instance, thinking that a President Trump wouldn’t really do the things he says he wants to do, like order the police to deport ten million Spanish speakers, I would maybe revise that assumption. More things can happen than we expect. People will express their anger at the ballot box, and politicians will make stupid shortsighted decisions to keep themselves afloat.

  8. It’s possible to flatly disagree that Farage (or Trump) is “the voice of the people,” while still feeling outraged by the callous hedge funders in the square mile, the pro-oligarchy laws that have turned London’s property market into a money laundering scheme for the super wealthy, and the generation-long damage that the EU elite has done to Greece — to vote Remain, in other words, but also hate the non-xenophobic things that helped to make Leave seem to some like a good idea.

  9. It’s still possible that the referendum will not lead to anything. Boris could call a snap election before anything can be decided, and Labour / Lib Dems could run on a campaign promise of overturning the referendum, and then Boris could leak pictures of himself doing something “embarrassing,” thus throwing the election. Just a thought. I would be okay if this happens.

  10. Here’s wishing for a better, kinder England / Britain / Europe to come.

2 thoughts on “Ten comments on #brexit

  1. Just discovered your blog and glad I did.
    BTW, on your point 6 – I take serious offence. Americans don’t find Brit accent half as sexy as we Indians do. We even try to copy you, you see. Whether you are or are not part of the EU, your accents will remain holy to us.

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