The Benefits of Being an Editor

Stumble ito a lighted room

One of the pleasures of editing collections (stories and poems) is asking the author “What else do you have?”

You never know when something old and amazing will appear, a piece from years back that some other editor (foolishly) rejected, or was published somewhere and lost to time, or which the author herself decided was not good and kept in a drawer.

When Bill Buege, the poet that Burlesque Press is due to publish in September, casually sent me his sequence of Kansas poems, I was blown away by their quiet, pitiless, wonder-filled voice. I immediately asked if they were available.

Here’s one (forthcoming in his new book, Stumble into a Lighted Room.)

The sun just up poem

Here’s another. This poem was a particular pleasure to discover in Bill’s (electronic) desk drawer. I love the way the seemingly straightforward diction works across the lines, carrying the reader’s eye through the line breaks. The title is maybe a little deceptive, too.

Its all so

These poems now make up the first section of the book.

The book comes out in mid-September.

What do you think?

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