Orlando is the Worst Mass Shooting In Modern American History Yet


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7 thoughts on “Orlando is the Worst Mass Shooting In Modern American History Yet

  1. As some people are saying – if we didn’t change the laws when children were killed in school, we aren’t going to change now. In 10, 9, 8…. there will be an anit-muslim / ani-LGBT breakout argument and we will act like the easy access to weapons isn’t even an issue while we all argue about the other sins of this nation. There are so many to choose from, aren’t there?
    I’ve lost all hope for a positive future.

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  2. I was deeply saddened by this heinous attack in my state, only two hours from where I live with my family. Some things really are appalling about the aftermath of this crime. First, the swiftness with which it was politicized by both presidential candidates. Hillary Clinton used it as a way to push gun control (more on that later in this comment) and despicable Donald Trump used it as a way to take credit for saying Muslims are bad and that this happened because of our current leadership. My questions include, how did this man who was investigated twice by the FBI in relation to terrorist ties and had a history of mental illness legally buy an assault rifle that was used in this attack. Second, why are politicians and the media so quick to characterize this as a terrorist Muslim attack? Yes, he mentioned ISIS, but he was also an American citizen who was born in the United States. Doesn’t this fall more under the domestic terrorism classification? This is a much bigger problem in the U.S. than the threat of ISIS. My prayers and thoughts go out to the victims. I am systematically separating myself from any of my social media contacts that seek to politicize this event.

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    • Don, I agree that much of the debate is disturbing. I don’t know if you saw, but today Trump has been implying that Obama is personally supporting muslim terrorism. It’s disgusting.

      I would politely disagree, however, that it’s wrong for people to raise the subject of gun control at a moment like this. I think many people just feel outraged and exhausted by the drumbeat of mass shootings these days, and it’s impossible not to think when a new mass shooting happens, that large part of the cause with the country’s shooting problem is its inability to move forward on gun control.

      I realise that the issue is very complex; I think that people feel that the specifics are less important than creating the general cultural premise that gun ownership can be questioned, examined, just as owning a car is. Right now, Republicans (and some Democrat politicians) prevent any limitation on gun ownership. For instance, to answer your question: my understanding is that Republicans in congress refused to ban suspects on the watch list from buying guns. This does not seem very rational, no matter what one thinks of the watch list itself.

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      • That is true. The bill to ban watch list subjects was defeated. It almost seemed to me like the media was working very hard to make this an ISIS related attack. I wonder if a Christian bombed an abortion clinic and killed 50 people if he would be called a Christian terrorist. I think we are on a bad path in trying to use these attacks to justify hate against a group.

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        • Completely agree. He sounds like a monstrous person, from what has been reported: no religion would want him. It’s important we avoid scapegoating Muslims in general, and share messages from Muslims who are speaking against terrorist attacks.

          I think it’s also important to speak up against homophobia and bigotry.

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