A Bonne Bouche Weekend

Hi Reader,

Did you know that my wife has a food and books blog? You should visit it: Bonne Bouche Books.

Bonne Bouche

She recently wrote about the long birthday weekend she created for me. Yeah, I’m fortunate. 

My husband’s birthday is today. Birthdays on Mondays are awful things, though, so we celebrated this past weekend. I always try to give my husband a birthday that makes him feel special. We share a childhood history of disappointing birthdays. We were neither of us very popular children – bookworms both, and birthdays can be a sore spot. After my years of living in New Orleans though, where every adult I know celebrates their birthday somehow, often with week long series of events that range from fancy dinners to rolling skating to casual drinks and intimate gatherings. This seems to me to be RIGHT. We don’t celebrate enough in life, and why should kids get to have all the fun?

She planned a series of Tennessee events for us over the weekend: strawberry picking, craft beer tasting, breakfast at the delicious Knoxville restaurant Olibea, Indian food, and a picnic with friends.

She also writes about JK Rowling’s new books and gives out recipes for hosting great dinner parties.
Take a look at her site!

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