Stop Writing So We Can Watch TV…

This is Melody, in her usual spot, patiently waiting until the evening and the TV hour.

6 thoughts on “Stop Writing So We Can Watch TV…

  1. Ah, terrific looking lab, love that expression! We have a black lab, Cody, who could be her twin brother. He is, at this very moment, barking out the screen door of our porch–hoping that will stop me from working and “hey! let’s go outside and play”…which we will do.

    Great pic. thanks!

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  2. This is a familiar sight. Furniture covered in blankets because our dogs are members of the family. Mine actually ARE my family. Mine wait for the evening Netflix pic as they patiently stare at me to stop working and sit down. They especially like it when dogs or other animals are on the screen. My one dog rushes the screen when they appear. Melody looks like such a sweetheart!

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