Young Writers’ Institute, Knoxville Tennessee, April 18

Young Writers Wanderer in the Clouds-4

Would you help me publicise an event?

Every year, the poet Marilyn Kallet hosts a day of free writing classes for Knoxville-area high school students and their teachers: Young Writers. This event is sponsored by Brian M. Conley and the UTK English department, and it’s pretty amazing.

High school students take two creative writing classes, in the genres of their choice: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They also receive a free lunch, a musical performance, and a chance to read some of the work they created in the open-mic session that concludes the day. Every class is taught by an expert writer in that field.

All students need to do is register before April 3rd.

Teachers can take classes in teaching poetry and fiction, and they can receive in-service credit for doing so.

For the second year running, I’m coordinating this event with Professor Kallet. I’ve reached out to a lot of local schools, but some seem harder to reach than others. If you know of any teachers or high students in the Knoxville region, please forward this post to them (or just the flier, above).

What do you think?

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