We Have Siren Songs for Sale, at Low, Low Prices

Dear readers,

Last year, I edited and designed a book: Siren Song, by Tawni Waters. It’s a collection of poems about love, divinity, rock and roll, and Arizona. It’s about Persephone and Isis and Mary Magdalene.

Siren Song Watch 2-2

Then, at the end of last year, my wife and I published that book and released it during The Hands On Literary Festival. We’re very excited to be able to publish work by Tawni Waters, whose first book, the novel Beauty of the Broken (also released in 2014), is doing all kinds of exploding things and becoming rather extremely successful. Tawni is a remarkably talented, prolific author who not only works very hard at her craft, but who is also rich in spirit, generosity, and warmth.

You can hear Tawni read from the book during her recent NPR interview (she discusses Siren Song at around the 20 minute mark).

I know I’ve talked about Siren Song before, but now I can actually sell you a physical copy. We now have our online shop set up to take orders, and to celebrate, we’re offering the book at almost Amazon-low prices, in a special introductory sale. It’s like inviting your credit card to the launch party 🙂

The book is also available at Amazon, and will almost certainly arrive more quickly if you order it from them, although my wife’s press will make a bit less from the sale of the book that way.

So — if you’re interested, please buy a copy. It’s the first book I’ve ever designed, and I’m very proud of it.

Best wishes,


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