David James Poissant Reading in Knoxville: November 17

I’m a big fan of David James Poissant. Here’s a (very) short story of his: One Hundred Percent Cotton.


On Monday November 17th, invited by the local writer Matt Brock, Poissant is coming to the University of Tennesee to read and talk about writing. He’ll do a Q&A at 3pm, and a reading from his award-winning short-story collection, The Heaven of Animals, at 7pm. The one time I met him before this, for a split-second at a conference, he seemed friendly and thoughtful, so the Q&A promises to be a productive time.

If you’d like to attend, feel free to email me to get directions around the (rather large) Hodges library.

Design note:

For the event, we needed a poster and a slide (for the library’s display screens). The poster was supposed to be large scale and official, so I made it in Indesign, but for the slide, shown above, I chilled out and used Canva.com. I was struck, once again, by how unwieldy Indesign feels, how many generations of development and functionality are packed into its multiple windows. Indesign can do so much more than a web-based service like Canva, but making sure that each of Indesign’s tiny buttons and right-corner red boxes are doing what they’re supposed to–not always intuitive.

Or maybe this is just a failing in my post-facebook consciousness: that I believe a software program should be instantly useable, and that any complexity beyond the scope of my visual intuition is cause for frustration.


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