PhD Exam No. 1: DONE!

Wow, that was quite a weekend. Four essays on the novel written, revised, and compiled in Word. Just before the noon deadline today, I sent them over.

My desk and the floor around it are piled high with books. 

Thank you to everyone who sent well wishings! It was very appreciated.

Soon, I have to do exam number two, also one weekend long, on contemporary literature (fiction, plays, poems). I’ve got quite a bit to read. But having done one exam, I’m feeling pretty good. 

Best wishes for all your creative projects,


13 thoughts on “PhD Exam No. 1: DONE!

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  1. Hey everyone, thank you for commenting and wishing me well. On Friday, I discovered that I had passed the exam with a distinction. Hooray! It feels like a great end to a lot of summer reading. Now, this Friday, I start the next one: on post-WW2 novels, plays, and poems.


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