The Return of the Dreaded Semester

Dear Blog readers,

Sorry for the blog silence! The dreaded semester is starting up again, and it seems to be occupying my creative brain a little too intensely.

I’ve been designing a syllabus for a writing class on the nature of “cool,” preparing a talk to new grad students…  But most importantly of all, my Comprehensive exams are drawing closer, and the amount of reading I still have left to do grows more pressing.

Who would have thought the world had written so many novels?

This week, I’m moving into the “mock exam” part of exam prep. My goal is to write enough 1,500 word exams on literature that, when the real exam arrives, I will have no problem knocking out four over a weekend.

Normal blogging will soon resume!

Best wishes,


5 thoughts on “The Return of the Dreaded Semester

  1. Best wishes to you, Daniel! I expect you will be wildly successful. Wow, just reading about your preparations for the semester is making me relive my days as a grad student in medievalism. I find myself wanting to tell you to slay the beast and then go have some mead.

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  2. Thank you, thank you!

    PS I wrote my first “mock exam” today, 1,600 words on regret in literature. I feel mentally exhausted, but after a few more trial runs, I’m sure I’ll be pretty well prepared…


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