A Lovely Birthday

Last week, I completed all my classes for my PhD. Now I just have a year of exams and then time to write my dissertation. In practice, this means that the group study portion of the degree is over, and now I’m working largely on my own. It’s a wonderful feeling: I feel my own writing rising up, hungry for more time and attention.

Travel is, despite modern technology, a slow process. I’ve often felt like it takes months, even years, to feel at home in a place, to feel at ease, befriended and well-suited there.

Self-esteem travels slowly, crawling across land and sea, even when we arrive by plane–and then we have the frustrating wait for it to finally show up.

These last few days, I’ve felt myself easing into Tennessee, my current home, the way one eases deeper into a yoga stretch, suddenly finding the space that had been there all along.

It was also my birthday, which was a very wonderful time.



Wishing you all a peaceful, productive summer.



14 thoughts on “A Lovely Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Daniel! and I am done with this semester also. However, I am on the other side of the coin – giving the finals!


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