Do You Teach Fiction? FWR Wants to Read About It

The online magazine for writers and readers of fiction, Fiction Writers Review, wants to hear your ideas, techniques, and attitudes towards the teaching of fiction. Here's the call for papers, below–submit something, and there's a good chance I'll be reading it (they've asked me to help edit and curate the new column).

As you'll see, the wordcount is very flexible: I'd personally be interested in reading something as short as a guide to teaching a particular craft exercise or assignment.

Fiction Writers Review has long been an online literary journal dedicated to reviewing, recommending, and discussing quality fiction with a particular focus on emerging authors. A significant number of our writers and readers also work day jobs as teachers of writing. For many of us, teaching is a vocation, something that we love to do—even as we worry, sometimes, about the time it takes away from our writing.

With this in mind, we’re launching a series that tackles the “teaching life.” How do you teach fiction writing? Do you regret that fiction writing is taught in college classrooms, or applaud it? We’re interested in short essays about all forms of the teaching life. Write about an assignment that you use in the classroom and talk about why and how it works. Or, write about a flop in the classroom and how you evolved as a teacher. Offer a review of a book about the teaching of creative writing (like Baxter’s Burning Down the House) and frame it in terms of “how I teach with this book.” Explain the philosophy of fiction that guides how you teach the subject, or tell us how teaching has changed your own writing.

We want essays that will challenge our understanding of teaching fiction writing and/or send us back into the classroom with new activities and assignments.

Short essays should range around 800-1500 words. Assignment/Activities: 300-500 words. For longer work, please send a query with a brief (1-2 paragraph) pitch, a bio, and a sample of your work.

Submission Window: Now through March 31

Email submissions to: forrest5000 AT and put “FWR teaching series” in the subject line.

What do you think?

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