Monday prompt: blaming his tools

The Seven days to get writing again series was very popular, and people asked for the exercises and prompts to continue.
I can’t keep posting daily exercises, but two a week seems very doable.
The plan is this: a simple writing prompt every Monday, and something more challenging every Friday.
So. Today’s Monday prompt is this: I have been clearing out and packing up an entire house today. It was a long moving day. And the difference between one brand of packing tape and another was quite real. The better brand tore more cleanly, stuck more readily, and even seemed to hang straighter in the air.
Here’s the prompt:
Describe in two or three sentences a character noting the difference between two products, or, more specifically, the difference between the one she wants and the one she has. Then, in a final sentence, present a reflection or realisation about what this difference means. This can be personal and domestic (“he wept as he remembered his wife’s finer plates”) or action-y and dramatic (“these poor crossbows would not even dent the enemy’s Thoromazic steel”).
Whatever moves you. Give it a try!

What do you think?

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