Seven Days to Get Writing Again

Do you wish you wrote more regularly? Perhaps you do write regularly, most of the time, but have fallen a little out of that groove. Probably you have many other things to do, and by the time they’re all taken care of, you have little energy left to hunch over a page or screen.

I’ve been feeling a bit like that lately. And I’m all for taking breaks, but after a while a break can start to feel like a drought.

So I decided to design a few exercises for myself, and make them quick enough that I could do them in the morning, no matter how busy I was. That way, even I didn’t have time to do any other writing, I would still be keeping my brain in shape. I also hoped that the simple routine of sitting and writing would lead to longer, more productive sessions.

I’d like to share a week’s worth of those exercises, one a day, starting on Monday. I hope you find them useful. If you do try them out, feel free to post the results in the comment section or in an email to me.

Day One is here.

(A summary of the whole series is here.)

What do you think?

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