My last month in London

Hello everyone. I have been quiet on this blog lately. In part this is because finishing my novel has been an incredibly draining experience. Once you have produced a 103,000 word story, there are an immense number of moving parts, and working out which bits of the machine work and which are a little unsure—which moments speak with the character’s heart, and which feel unnecessary—which theme rises urgently out of her reflections and actions, and which remain invisible—it is a lot of head work. Juggling an entire imaginative universe, while also adjusting one’s one theory of the novel at the same time. It took more out of me than I realised.

Yesterday I sent the full draft to my readers. I now wait for their feedback—a lovely feeling. I am taking today a little easily, and writing more of my (genre) novella about Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

I have enjoyed this time in London, this quiet time, so much. I spent the weekend Jubileeing, seeing the flotilla from the South Bank, exchanging a cordial wave with the queen, being part of the crowds in the Mall for the concert. I will upload some pictures of the grey Thames soon.

My plane tickets are booked. I will spend most of July out of London (in Paris and Ediburgh), and then in late July will fly to Philadelphia, post my books down to Tennessee, then fly on. It is a wonderful feeling to be completing my novel as my PhD begins. And sad to be saying goodbye to my home town.


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