Writing prompts required for short story month

May is short story month. The web journal Fiction Writers Review is covering the month in a series of posts and reviews–I recommend checking them out. For myself, I am interested in using the month to spur and prod new writing of my own.

I’m convinced that we could all be more productive, more creative, if given the right push (“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite,” says Blake), and so I am settling down to write, or at least begin, a lot of new short stories during story month. The ideal would be to write one per day (like this), but I have other responsibilities, such as finishing my novel and learning French, so I may just write 500-1000 words of something new every day I can.

Here is your challenge: propose a story idea for me. I will begin it during the month. Any situation, genre, idea, historical period, tone. Whatever you like. I will be happy to email you what I produce, although it will probably be bad (I usually require many re-writes to reach ‘competent’). And I will dedicate the final version, if it comes into existence, to you.

Looking forward to your suggestions.


5 thoughts on “Writing prompts required for short story month

  1. I wrote this story about an Amish guy who secretly has a hot house where he grows exotic plants. He was found out by the government, but the people in his village had no idea.

    So the goverment asks him to go to the new space station in Mars to start a whole ecosystem because theyve failed miserably. The Amish guy is the only one in the world who can do it.

    But there’s really and underground world of Martian living there that they don’t want you to know about. The earthlings had to dig down deep into the ground to build their space station and they are destroying the whole ecosystem of the underground marshian world.

    Did you know that there is a subterranean Martian population? The crust of Mars is really spongy and it’s filled with caves that are filled with these crystals that produce enough light to grow plants underground. There’s water under the ground too and huge creatures that they have to stay away from.
    Well, they are constantly trying to fight off the earthlings. The amish guy has two sons. The oldest of the two looks just like this other kid, named Marvin.
    Marvin is the son of the rich guy that is funding this Mars base. When the Martians send the princess to capture Marvin and hold him hostage, they capture The Amish guy’s kid by mistake and Marvin and some friends of his have to save him.
    I won’t give you any more details, because I’m saving that for myself. I might use them in another book. I don’t know. It’s so zany.
    I wrote 400 pages of this book and I think It’s crap. I have so many ideas that I’m bursting at the seams. I’m not telling you what they are though because I may get to them someday. But you can have this idea. Because I’ve given up.


  2. Suggestion for short stories: Three women buy a product from a drugstore and leave. A male is going to earn an MBA from a prestigious university in a few weeks and sees himself as CEO of Ford, GE, GM, Fiat, etc. in the future. He realizes his college girl friend is not a suitable wife for a man who is going to be CEO of a major company and knows she is expecting to marry him after graduation. He wants to tell her that he is not marrying her, has put it off but decides he has to do so. He is going to tell her when she comes out of the bathroom and holds something in front of him and says: ” Guess what?” Second woman also uses the test, She has had fertility problems and when her husband returns home she shows him the test results and says ” Guess what” Third woman is in her forties, children grown. She takes the test, shows results to her husband when he returns home. Says” Guess What.” The test is the early pregnancy result test. You take it from there and decide if they (esp the males) are happy or ?


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