I will attend UNO’s Edinburgh writing conference

This summer, I will be attending the postgraduate writing conference in Edinburgh, run by the University of New Orleans, from July 9th to 20th.

I am able to go because, firstly, I earned an Honorable Mention in UNO’s “study abroad” contest, earning me a discount on the conference fee. Other unnamed parties have also been generous.

The conference focuses on publishing, and invites a few agents to meet participants, which means I must to finish my novel by July. The good news is that the current draft, the “final” draft, is so far coming along quickly and well.

The novel, if you are curious, describes the problems faced by a young English woman, Robyn Anglesea, when she quits her job during a business trip in Taiwan, and, liking the country, and not wanting to face problems back in London, decides to stay. In order to get work before her visa expires, however, she takes advantage of a rather dubious opportunity, requiring her to take on a wholly new identity, and this new identity leads her into greater and greater crises–cultural, romantic, entrepreneurial, paranormal, and political.

I have been writing this book, in wildly different forms, for the past four years, and it is a pleasure to see the story settle into shape. The jokes are pretty funny, too.

I very much hope to finish it before July.

Best wishes,


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