My story, “The Hills Will Melt Like Wax,” will be published by The Tampa Review!

Hello everyone. I’m hurrying to get everything packed and posted today, so I will write more once in England. But, in brief, I had a great AWP conference in Chicago. Over the weekend, I met a lot of writers, editors, and directors of PhD programmes. And while I was there, an editor of The Tampa Review called, and said they had decided to publish my story, “The Hills Will Melt Like Wax.” (I had entered it into their Danahy competition; it had won a finalist position; they were deciding which of the finalists they would publish.)

This is big news for me. It is the first time a full-length story of mine will be published, and to appear in a well-established, prestigious, university-linked, print publication is a real honour. Tampa Review is one of the only hardback literary journals out there—it is  a very handsome and slender book about the size of a graphic novel. My story should appear, they say, this time next year.

More news when I am home.

17 thoughts on “My story, “The Hills Will Melt Like Wax,” will be published by The Tampa Review!

  1. Mr. Wallace: Which airline are U flying to England? I flew British Airways from London to New York a few years ago and loved it. Time in the air passed quickly since they served meals & drinks all day long. Breakfast segued into elevenses, then lunch with a bottle of wine, a nap, tea time, dinner, another bottle of wine, etc. A relaxing trip.


  2. Congratulations, Daniel!! That is wonderful news! And I’m wishing you safe and glorious travels come tomorrow, but come back soon! It was lovely seeing you this past weekend (even if only briefly.)


  3. How great Daniel. I was hoping you’d make the cut after reading your blog a while back. TR is a great magazine with fantastic down to earth editors.

    Mark Krieger


  4. Wonderful news for U. However, I did not see anything about your reading in New Orleans. How did it go and how did U like the city? Did U get to see any part of it? Peregrine


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