I am the first place Toni Brown Scholarship winner at the Winter Getaway

Dear readers. Some really nice news came in last week, and I’ve been waiting for it to become official so I could tell you. Some months ago, my friend, the poet Nissa Lee, told me about The Winter Getaway, a weekend-long writing conference held in New Jersey every January. They had scholarships, and so I applied, sending in the first five pages of my story, “My Arctic Circle,” which Beth Kephart had advised on at a recent Rutgers event, and a personal statement explaining my increasingly tenuous connection to America. Then one day the phone rang and the organiser, Peter Murphy, introduced himself. Hooray!

I’ve been feeling pretty great since then. I will get to go to this conference with the tuition and board paid, take writing classes, have fun, hear Stephen Dunn read again, and see some parts of NJ I would have never. Being awarded this scholarship also means that in one week, with the Glimmer Train “mention” coming a few days before, I have gone from having a quite bare writing cv to a pretty good one. Now I have two competition high spots and a scholarship to declare. Hooray! Hooray!

Best wishes,

Daniel Wallace

7 thoughts on “I am the first place Toni Brown Scholarship winner at the Winter Getaway

  1. Congratulations!! This must give you a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. Your hard work and dedication are paying off. In the years to come you will surely be both a Pulitizer and Nobel Prize winner. It is something to look forward to, another goal.


  2. Congrats to you! I was a previous scholarship recipient for the Getaway – haven’t stopped going since! It’s a wonderful weekend.


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