New readings added to my Uphill page

This blog’s guide to Christina Rossetti’s “Uphill” is the highest ranked guide to the poem according to Google. I’ve added a few new thoughts to that page, and I’ve recorded myself reading the poem, twice. My logic is that many of the users of the page may not be native English speakers, and so may be curious what meter in English poetry is supposed to sound like. I’ve recorded it once the way I think it should sound (i.e. close to normal speech), and a second time trying to stress the meter. If both readings end up sounding the same, I apologise, but that would show the power of the poem, that it makes too much sense to read it beat by beat, and that it is too musical to read it as prose. Or I could just be not doing it right.

My guide to Christina Rossetti’s Uphill

Recording number one

Recording number two

PS The mp3 player I’ve been using to do this recording has been cutting out a little, so the few odd jumps in the readings are technological errors, not deliberate.

What do you think?

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