Headhouse farmers’ market for dinner

Tonight I had friends over. My plan was to do an Italian style meal, with a primi and secondi courses, a smallish dish (es) then a more hearty one.

The menu was:

goats cheese, beetroot and toasted cumin salad
tahini/lemon juice baked fish (baked mushroom and tomato drizzled with tahini sauce for vegetarians)

thai-style vegan sausage and aubergine stir fry, with rice
a green salad (made by my housemate Matt)


Cookies that were simultaneously muffins
dessert walnut bread (both desserts made by friends)

Fortunately, I live in the best part of Philadelphia, right around from the farmers’ market on Headhouse square, and today was market day.

Then the cooking process began. I would show photos of how the fish and the goat’s cheese salad turned out, but people began arriving and everything became a little intense (I am not a great multi-tasking cook).

Here’s my thai-style vegi sausage dish (gimme lean sausage, mae ploy yellow curry paste, aubergine, green beans, “heirloom” peppers, sugar and a half-tin of coconut milk):

A good meal.

Best wishes to you all.

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