Still getting ready


Teacher training begins on Monday, and term begins for real the week after that. Things are going to be busy – I’ve been trying to get organised – using an old how-to-be-productive book called “Getting Things Done”, writing out lists of books I’ve promised myself I’d read, and even filing papers in folders…

(The “Getting Things Done” ideology is that you shouldn’t try to remember anything in your head. Better to have it all written done in lists you check regularly, even things like “go to the gym more”, or “spend a month reading the bible”. This requires pages and pages of scribbling and then ordering those scribbles – it’s working well so far.)

I’ve been trying to get my room, fridge and bookshelves stocked before the rush beings. The teacher of my poetry workshop aims for every student to write a book of poems (40-50 pages) by the end of the semester (he comments, “You’ll do the first draft of your book in my course, then spend the rest of the MFA rewriting it). I’ve also been reading teaching theory books, the essays I want my students to study, more philosophy and religion for my own interest, and the books my lecturers have written. There are three ways of getting hold of library books. Some are in the campus library, some are in other Rutgers libraries across New Jersey (my campus, Camden, is the smallest of the three), and others are in other University libraries around the country. I have become adapt enough at book summoning that the librarians are already annoyed at me.


One thought on “Still getting ready

  1. Dan, the Man

    All’s well, that begins well.

    How’s the pizza?

    I’m glad you are doing good. Any stories about roommates?

    Been cooking much lately?

    What does this mean?
    would like to blog more but no free juice

    Take care and God bless,


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