Wee Wallace Prepares to Make His Debut

Jeni is 35 weeks pregnant, today: Wee Wallace is by all accounts doing well, and his mother is looking good — although the extreme Tennessee summer heat is treating her with extreme cruelty.

We have been preparing like crazy for the baby’s arrival (our first child), but I still feel like there are a hundred things left to do. 

Sometimes I feel scared that I already seem too, too busy, and the baby hasn’t even been born yet… Yet I’m also stupidly excited to meet him.

Best wishes to you all.


The End of the Summer CSA

Csa haul

Through May, June, and July we’ve received a weekly haul of vegetables and eggs from a local organic farm, Crooked Road.

This is a CSA — community supported agriculture. We paid for the season upfront, and in return, Johnny slipped in a few extra bunches of collards, turnips most weeks.

It’s been a great experience — learning more about a farmer’s life, watching the season change and different vegetables rise up.

If you live in Knoxville, Crooked Road Farm’s CSA is worth trying out. Right now he’s taking a break, letting the worst of the heat pass, and there’ll be another CSA for the autumn.