In Edinburgh, researching

A longer post to come soon. This is a spectacular city.


In Paris, unsure what to write


I saw the news of the attacks in Paris 24 hours before we were due to fly there. First the reports said 18 dead. That number rose to 129, with over three hundred injured.

We weren’t at all sure we should keep our flights to Paris, or if the city would want tourists, or if we would be able to get through the airport if we went. The Paris leg was only a small addition to a larger trip, inspired in part by the huge airport taxes the UK levies on air miles. And in part because we had been married a year, and had never taken a honeymoon. Putting apprehensions aside, we flew, and arrived Sunday morning.

There’s little I can tell you: I’m just a tourist. “Cat-tas-troph,” the waiter on Sunday night called it. Many businesses were closed, but then, it was a Sunday. Sirens passed in the night, but it was hard to say, from my limited vantage point, if they were more present than usual. Today (Tuesday) in the city’s downtown, where the expensive shops are, unmarked police cars, sirens up, seemed almost continuous.

Still, the city’s beautiful existence goes on.

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The Seine, Sunday night